Springtime on the Mainau

I spent the first of May at Mainau. Beside the beautiful spring flowers (especially the different tulips), there were the two following main attractions:

Butterfly House: Enjoy a tropical landscape in which more than 25 breeds of colourful, tropical butterflies live. Experience an exotic feeling in tropical 26°C and a humidity of approximately 90 %.

Orchid show: "The mysterious jungle ghosts"
March 18th - May 08th 2005
Though the Orchid show you will escape into the magic and mysterious world of an old village in the middle in the jungle.
The queen of the plants – the Orchid – majestically covers and dances toughout the village as the beauty queen on Pergolas and roofs.

After the Mainau island a friend and I traveled to the island Reichenau were we closed a nice day at the Lake Constance (Bodenssee) watching the sunset and having a delicious dinner.